The Good Doctor
Drama  8.5/10
Returning Series – episode 4x10 aired 6 days ago, episode 4x11 airs in 1 week
410: Decrypt(February 22, 2021 – 6 days ago)
When the hospital is hit with a cyberattack threatening to shut down life-saving machines, Lea rises to the challenge and looks to outsmart the hackers to prove herself. Meanwhile, the team treats an inspirational cancer survivor-turned-successful-philanthropist who harbors a dark secret.

A.K.A. BR: The Good Doctor: O Bom Doutor  CA: Le Bon Docteur  CZ: Dobrý doktor  HK: 妙手仁醫  HU: Doktor Murphy  KR: 굿 닥터  RU: Хороший доктор